Casey Kaplan gallery

Size: 10,000 square feet
Location: New York, New York

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Gallerist Casey Kaplan approached our firm to redefine his gallery in a new location after 10 years in Chelsea. A new home was found in a two-level space in the Flower District. Unlike the undifferentiated spaces of Chelsea the building in the Flower District offered several challenges, a columnar space and a framed floor plate. To address the needs of Kaplan’s artists our firm carefully subdivided the spaces to hide the columns while maintaining an open plan. A new concrete floor was poured, reinforcing the contiguity of the spaces.

A fluorescent lighting plan was deployed throughout both floors of the gallery to maintain a highly flexible lighting plan, complimentary to the types of contemporary art exhibited in the gallery. Natural light is carefully introduced near the entrance and the rear of the space via large, new skylights at both the upper and lower levels supporting the spaces used by gallery staff.