The partners of Studio Tractor have worked together for several years on a number of innovative retail, residential and commercial projects. From concept to outcome, we believe architecture is a collaborative process that helps us explore our clients’ to turn that vision into a reality.


Prior to forming Studio Tractor, we helped retail businesses such as Armani, Ferragamo and Nicole Farhi renovate their spaces to better reflect their most valuable asset, the image of their brand. Aware of the ever-evolving nature of the industry, Studio Tractor seeks out a close partnership with its clients to help them create just the right visual impact.


Whether it’s a modest apartment renovation or an ambitious new construction, we devise a unique design approach based on an exhaustive understanding of the many parameters that impact any residential project. Custom-built, prefab or something in between—our architectural solutions speak to a client’s specific needs and interests.


We’ve worked closely with large and small companies, incorporating their requirements and specifications into great, functional design. From tech startups to award-winning advertising shops and beyond, Studio Tractor develops customized architectural solutions through a fresh perspective and an experimental approach to materials while managing schedules and budgets.